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Business fields

1: Advanced Technology Services
a) Provision of Network services including advanced technology services using the Internet and related devices.
b) Promotion of advanced technology expansion
c) Research and development support among industry, academia and government
2: Consulting
a) Support for new business start-up. Our advantage is the experience acquired, expertise, utilizing personal networks at home and abroad. It is accumulated in charge of design development, product planning for hardware, software and network service, corporate management planning, and new business project in a leading manufacturer.
b) System planning and development management
3: Import and export markets
Import / export, selling products, and sales promotion with international business partners
4:Energy and Environment
a) Promotion and Provision of information about Environmental / Energy technology, products and companies (person).
b) Promotion social and regional environmental activities.

Offshore development <Philippines , China , Viet Nam>
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